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The Centre

We take care of your scalp and hair, helping put the health back into it.
Each of our centers offers a wide range of services, treatments and products to provide you with the best solution for your hair loss and scalp concerns.
All our CRLAB staff offer their many years of experience to work with you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your goals.
When you come to one of our centers, the first thing we do is get to know you (and your hair) better by carrying out a thorough assessment. Once your results are in, we’ll recommend a program combining the right mix of clinically tested products and technological support tailored just for you.
CRLAB Tricotest® : simple and accurate.
The CRLAB TRICOTEST® gets to the heart of what you need to do to improve your hair.
It’s an invaluable tool to work out the best course of action for your thinning hair, hair loss, or any of your other hair concerns.
Based on the results from your Tricotest®, we’ll recommend the best treatments to help you get your hair back to full health.
We have a trichological treatment designed to treat every hair and scalp concern you may have. From dandruff, excessive sebum production to hair loss, all sold at the front desk of our centers.
The CRLAB 3D hair prosthetic system is a hair prosthetic system which is custom made to your individual requirements. The system integrates natural hair into the areas where you’re affected by thinning or hair loss. It’s a revolutionary, life-changing answer to hair loss.
You can even use the CRLAB hair prosthetic system in the short term if you’re undergoing chemotherapy.


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Our trichological lines

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Sebum Regulating
Hair Loss Prevention
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Textured hair line

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Christine Haralambous

Lovd the hair piece still need to come back for a little adjustment the clips Pull my hair need to do something else to Secure piece


Rosita Lopez

Professional and caring consultation. The owner is wonderful and an expert in her field.


Laurel dc

If you have hair loss, this is the place to go for help.  Melissa is knowledgeable and compassionate.  My hair topper took some time to create but it is worth the wait.  I feel like myself, even better, with my new hair.  Melissa continues to work with me to make sure I am having the best hair experience ever.  I know she will give practical and helpful advice.  She even wears a topper herself, so she knows what she is talking about.  You do need to make an appointment since this process takes a little time.


Mary L. Farmer

Bought my hair piece a couple of years ago and it still looks great. Will be getting another one from Tu Bella soon. They fit it to your head, style it for you (if you prefer) and instruct you on how to care for your new hair piece.


Irene Mackiewicz

Well trained and highly experienced owner and staff!


Katie Pucher

Melissa changed my life! Follea hair pieces are by far the best quality I've ever had.


Karen H

I was so thankful to get a referral to visit Tu Bella for my wig needs while undergoing chemotherapy. Melissa was honest, informative and supportive throughout the process. I ended up selecting a synthetic and a real hair wig. The instructions and education provided by Tu Bella were everything I needed to manage this new normal. I have referred them to multiple people since. Tu Bella is a must visit for any wig option needs.


Catherine Driscoll

I have been going to Tu Bella for over 16 years. Thank you for your service to the community! I always look forward to my appointments!


Bobbi Hurley

Being diagnosed with cancer 25 years ago, I can honestly say I am an expert in dealing with hair loss and services provided by salons like Tu Bella. I have been a client at Tu Bella for the last 4 years. The owner, Melissa, is kind and compassionate. She always works hard to find the very best option for you keeping in mind your budget. She is every client's advocate. I have had a few occasions where my hair system appeared to be defective  (Tangling, abundant hair loss, etc) after wearing it. Without hesitation, Missy did her best to remedy the situation including contacting the company for replacement. When dealing with the sensitive issue of hair loss, I am thankful for Missy and Tu Bella! She does not disappoint!


Samantha Krichbaum

Love this salon. The owner Melissa has years of experience and is absolutely amazing.